Objectives of the VEC

We understand that the practice of sports is where the values of friendship, teamwork, solidarity, and effort, all focused around a common objective, are nurtured.

Therefore, we believe that we must have the following objectives:

Guarantee coexistence for all members of the Club

Athletes, trainers, members, and parents must respect the practive of sports and coexistence under the principles of health, emotional balance, and education between peers. In addition everyone must take into account human training, learning the sport, and the personal projection and promotion in function of the abilities and interests of each athlete and each person.

Sporting competition must be understood as a collective agreement

Always with the aim of reaching as far as possible, with scrupulous respect for regulations and sportsmanship.

It is necessary to learn how to win with humility and lose with dignity

That is the essence of competitive sport.

Personal, as well as collective, discipline, must be valued

As a basic instrument for improvement and progress in sports and in life.

And definitely, to understand friendship as the best win of the practice of sports

And mutual respect among everyone as the most essential rule for coexistence.

During the school year, the VEC organizes an internal football league at the School, in which all of the students who want to can play, from primary through 2nd of ESO.

It also organizes weekend excursions to Andorra, Ibiza, etc. to participate in various tournaments.

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