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    Much more than a school: a project for the future for your children

Virolai is an affiliated school –with three levels from P1 to Batxillerat–, lay, inclusive, open, and respectful of the different views on life, which continually reflects, learns, and improves in response to the new challenges that it encounters. In addition, its goal is educational excellence; that is, to offer the best education to students and their families.

With a powerful Education Project based on:

Its mission

“Together we help to grow”, which stresses the importance of a close collaboration between family and school to assume together the commitment to help the student in his or her learning process and personal growth.

And its values that, among others, include:

  • Effort and success, key elements for personal improvement
  • Self-knowledge of abilities and interests, which constitute the uniqueness of each student and which allows them to establish their own plan for personal growth
  • Learning based in experiences and feelings, in real projects in which the student is the key player in their own learning
  • Education in values: we want our students to be whole people, open to the world, feeling solidarity with others, good citizens, with a critical spirit, and capable of managing their own life and to commit to living in a better society
  • Affection and respect in human relationships within the educational community

Its innovative spirit and commitment to continuous improvement makes the Virolai Educational Project a living project, which evolves and adapts to reality at every moment. Its main objective is to educate people with interior strength, solid abilities, and strongly rooted values so that they will continue to be able to successfully confront future challenges.

A bit of history

The pedagog Josep Maria Ballarín and his wife and teacher Montserrat Andreu founded the Virolai School in 1960, in a moment of impoverishment of the national education system. They opted together for a pedagogical renovation, which included co-education and multi-lingual teaching. This new educational proposal was founded strongly in a close collaboration with the families, who felt and experienced the school as their own, to the point where the strong desire to continue at the school converted the school from what was planned as a small early-childhood center into a full-course school system through the Batxillerat years.

The new educational proposal was also focused on the individuality of each student, so as to achieve the maximum potential of each and every one. Tutoring was to be an educational pillar to help with the students´ growth, in the ethical sense and in a responsibility for returning to society what had been received. All within an affectionate environment for the entire educational community.

During its more than 50 years of history many events have taken place that have shaped the collective memory of Virolai: the first school to do a ski lesson at La Molina in 1964, the spring festivals, the Floral Games, the sports festivals, the Living Creche, the celebration of traditional festivals, the theatrical shows by fathers and mothers, faculty, and students, and the events celebrating the 20th and 50th anniversaries. And many awards and recognitions for the educational and teaching work of our School.

Activities that continue and evolve with the School: the Annual Open House days, the Tree Festivals, the harmony outings, the international exchanges and programs, the theatre, the sport, the Turons magazine, our website, the solidarity projects…and a thousand and one more activities that make Virolai a living school. Since its beginnings, the center has never stopped innovating nor working to shape free citizens, competent and committed to building a better world.

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