• The school

    Our mission

    Together to help them grow

Virolai is a school committed to continual improvement, which seeks excellence in education. In this process, it has been recognized with the European EFQM +500 certification, a seal of quality that very few educational centers have achieved in our country.

In order to guarantee quality education, we know that close collaboration with families is essential. Thus, together, family and school undertake to helping the students in their process of personal growth.

For this reason, our mission, Together to help them grow, is reflected in the following objectives:

We educate in close collaboration between family and school. We understand that parents are responsible for their children´s education, and that they have the main task of orientation. Their agreement with and commitment to the School´s project, mutual communication, collaboration, joint work of support, are fundamental elements in carrying out our task: helping boys and girls to become educated.

We educate in values and empower a person´s most important virtues. Our proposal is that our students become whole people, good citizens, who have their own opinions and know how to make evaluations with a critical sense, who are capable of creatively developing their commitment to achieving a better society.

We educate in effort and a high personal expectations. The key element, for us, is personal resilience, much more than abilities. Through effort, it is possible to improve aptitudes, perfect character, and achieve a balanced temperament. Our educational model guarantees different expectations for our students; that is, we help them to know their aptitudes and interests and we stimulate them to grow, based on their own self-esteem and in their personal capacity for improvement.

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