Awards and recognition

    A school open to the environment

Merits and recognition

  • Educational excellence. EFQM+500 certification since 2010 and renewed every two years. We were the first school in Catalonia to achieve and repeat this.
  • Healthy school. Healthy School Certification. We were the first school in Spain to achieve this.
  • 2nd prize in the Fundación Telefónica Award
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  • 2nd prize in the 2016 Economic Circle Award.
  • The Virolaia school has been recognized as an Educational Institution of Reference by edu21 for 2016
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  • Virolai Grimm has won the third prize in the school category in the REDPEA worldwide competition “Open your heart and spirit to refugees”, organized by UNESCO in collaboration with the tolerance center (Moscow)
  • ? The school has been recognized as one of the 100 best private schools in Spain in a study done by El Mundo
  • ? The director of the school, Coral Regí, is a member of the Catalan Schools Council representing the sector of prestigious personalities recognized in the field of education.

Participation in networks

  • Virolai School is a driving force behind the Escola Nova XXI for Educational Innovation project
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  • Network of Schools Associated with UNESCO.
  • Network of Sustainable Schools of Catalonia
  • Escoles Fem Salut network
  • Association Escoles Trams for Internationalization
  • Catalan Schools Group

Organization of events and conferences

  • Every year, we celebrate the José Mª Ballarín
    • 2017 – senior professor Mayor Zaragoza
    • 2018 – senior professor José Antonio Marina
  • The school participates in the organization of the Inspiring Education. It’s Time for a New Education (2016)
    Neuroeducation and learning (Nov. 2017)


  • Participation in European projects
  • PICI Project with Blanquerna University on reverse learning
  • IBS+E Project with the UAB on sciences in English
  • ARMIF Project with amb la Blanquerna University on sciences and evaluation records with PLE and digital resources (era-tic)
  • Erasmus+ Project: Collaborative Design for Smart Pupils / Systeam
  • Our students participate in:
    • Projecte R+D*I Project of the San Patricio Foundation
    • Young Scientist Parliament
    • University Debate League
    • Audicrea Contest
    • CosmoCaixa Explainers Program
    • Young People and Science, of the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation
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