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Psycopedagogic office

One of the lines in Virolai´s Educational Mission is to respond adequately to the challenges of personalized education and attention to diversity. For this reason it is essential– among many other things– to be able to count on the collaboration of professionals from diverse specialites. In this context, we have to highlight the work of the team of psychopedagogs who give support to tutors and the teaching team and, if necessary and always under the supervision of the tutor, work together with the families.

Their main aim is to advise teachers and, where appropriate the families, when they are faced with the detection, prevention, and diagnosis of possible difficulties that students could experience both in the educational environment and in learning itself. Individual monitoring is carried out, using direct observation in the classroom, maturity tests, or interactions with the tutor, among others.



Psychologist of Virolai School

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