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Changes in family customs have meant that the number of students who use the school dining room has increased in recent years. This has made it necessary for this service to be able to adequately attend to the nutritional needs of our children.

For this reason, in recent years at Virolai, we have worked on a Food Improvement Plan both in the curricular area– tutorial and natural science classes– and via campaigns –such as those concerning different types of foods, healthy breakfasts, or the gymkhanas of the Day of Sports– headlined by the mascot Xofi and his advice, and promoted by the AMPA in collaboration with the dining room service.


Design of school menus: the lunch menus are put together in our school with the advice of dieticians and periodic review by the district Health Services and the Department of Education. In addition, the Health committees in which our secondary school students participate actively also review them periodically.

The criteria for defining these menus are:

  • Offer a balanced diet, with a variety of foods and ways of preparing them.
  • Adapt the menus to special diets required by allergies.
  • Incorporate dishes typical of our culinary culture.
  • Adapt to seasonal availability so as to be able to offer fresh and local products.
  • Adapt the dishes offered to the preparation and service for a school population from 1 to 18 years of age.

During the last eight years, the following items have been established as areas for improvement:

  • Reduction of animal protein
  • Incorporation of different grains
  • Inclusion of fresh local fish
  • Daily side dishes of cooked vegetables or salad and seasonal fruit.


Monitors, supervised by the School faculty, are in charge of the dining services, following the objectives set out by the center: education in the habits of courtesy and urbanity, and vigilance, which allows for prevention of eating disorders.

The early childhood centers use the same teachers who directly supervise the dining services.

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