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Clothing and equipment

The school equipment for all levels only includes the sports clothes, which consists of: tee-shirt, short pants, and tracksuit. And only the students in early childhood levels must also have a School backpack.

We have two authorized suppliers for the sale of the equipment, which are:
Instructions and comments to make a correct purchase order in the Online Store:
– First of all, you have to register on the web platform.
– Where it asks for a name, please enter the name of the student.
– In the shipping address, you must put the name of the center where you want to receive the clothes.
– You can find a video-tutorial to estimate the sizes.
– If, once the clothes are delivered, the size is wrong, it can be changed without any problems.
– Shipments will be received in each center every 15 days.

To make it easier for the families, the websites for these stores can be accessed from this page, where you can order the clothing or buy online. 

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