A stage for discovery

In this stage, students consolidate fundamental habits, knowledge, and abilities. More than ever, the School becomes an environment for coexistence and culture. Using innovative methodologies that promote cooperative work, the students feel motivated by teaching and educational proposals that satisfy their interests and needs.

How it is structured

This stage is distributed among three cycles, with two courses in each:

  • Initial Cycle, which includes first and second, from ages 6 to 8
  • Medium Cycle, which includes third and fourth, from ages 8 to 10
  • Upper Cycle, which includes fifth and sixth, from ages 10 to 12

Coordination with early-childhood and secondary education is necessary to ensure a proper transition for the students from one stage to another.

School organization


  • Morning: from 9 h to 13.30 h (recess from 11 h to 11.30 h)
  • Afternoon: from 15 h to 17 h

There is childcare service in the morning, extra-curricular activities at midday, and summer activities during the holiday period.

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