Infant and school: Start right!

A period of learning begins in early-childhood education that must contribute to expanding the comprehensive development of the infant. This should always take place in collaboration with the families and in a climate and surroundings of trust in which they feel welcome to grow and learn.

Learning is active and based in experiences, which gives it meaning. Starting from the surroundings closest to them and their experiences, our children learn to use different procedures and to develop diverse abilities that help them to solidify the foundations of their learning process, in short, of their process for personal growth.

Positive attitudes towards learning are encouraged, which provokes questions and creates a stimulating environment that favors curiousity and an interest in exploration and discovery. It is, therefore, a question of responding to their concerns in a self-reliant and creative way.

With every child´s efforts, we educate them and develop their abilities, with affection and respect for their individuality.

Games are one of the fundamental tools of learning, beginning at the earliest age, through which the children discover sensations, to which they give names, and progressively move on to emotions, which they will have to learn to manage throughout their lives. This discovery, while individual, is tranferable and shared with their friends through a broad range of conversation spaces where they develop values of equality, respect, and tolerance.

Family and School: we´re a team!

This is the period when we typically welcome families to the school. Thus begins a broad and close relationship within the framework of shared experiences and fluid communication via various channels.
We believe in an accessible school, and we activate various dynamics that favor true participation in an affectionate environment for the child in different areas of the school, thereby creating learning communities.
So as to actively participate in the process of learning and personal growth, each student has a personal plan in which they specify goals that will help them to develop along two fundamental axes: self-esteem and self-knowledge.
Tutor and family meet quarterly to ensure educational coherence between family and school, both in the individual area with tutors and parents, and in group meetings for parents.

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