We help our students to achieve their objectives

At Virolai we have the challenge of bringing out the best in our students, withought exception, and this is only possible if we put them in a learning situation.

1. We educate in life compentencies

To finish the stage, the students have to achieve some basic abilities, tools that will aid their ongoing learning, which they will need not only for later studies but for their professional life as well. These abilities that they must achieve are well defined and sequenced.

2. We educate towards global citizenship

Our linguistic project guarantees our students´ linguistic competence in Catalan and Spanish, and enhances the role of foreign languages in the curriculum. At Virolai, we consider it a priority to increase the presence of English, adapting the learning to our students´ different rhythms and introducing it as a vehicular language in non-linguistic subjects.

    The School prepares its students for testing in the official certification from Cambridge University. We collaborate with native language assistents that work in reduced groups to improve oral competence. We also prepare them to obtain the certificate of studies in French.
    We favor the immersion in the foreign culture and language by arranging stays, exchanges, and international projects.
    We develop in our students the ability to communicate, present and defend ideas and opinions assertively, in a careful, clear, and orderly way using a rich vocabulary, as well as all of the expressive resources of non-verbal language.
    The secondary students participate in learning activities in service with their younger schoolmates, so as to promote oral expression practice and reading by means of big brother /big sister pairings in the three languages.

3. We educate in different forms of expression

The empowerment of different areas of expression allows us to nurture in our students the ability to observe, create, express, and enjoy. We accomplish this through interdisciplinary work in visual and plastic education, music, and theatre. We also give special emphasis to programming languages and robotics. the students work and design applications using Scratch, App inventor, and Python which they use in their own projects in various areas.

4. We take advantage of technology as a tool for learning

At Virolai, we are aware that access to information and communication technology is essential for up-to-date knowledge and collaborative learning. The students have use of a personal computer and carry out their learning in a digital environment.

5. We learn through experimentation and research

We encourage students to observe their surroundings and ask questions and formulate hypotheses. We help them to develop a strategy for finding an answer and we take advantage of all the opportunities presented by our environment to enhance learning. We also make use of the tools of contrast, collaboration, and dissemination of their projects with students from other schools.

6. We accompany the students in their personal growth

The students, oriented by their individual tutors and their families, create their own personal improvement plan which focus especially on:

  • Academic progression.

7. We reflect so as to learn

The evaluation of this stage is continuous, global, competence-based, and individualized. In the evaluation process, we reflect on the learning itself (what, how, and why) and the performance of each student. This reflection becomes a key piece in the creation of a well-adjusted self-image and in the acquisition of values as important as: improvement, setting high standards for oneself, self-acceptance, and cooperation. In addition, we prepare them to monitor their own learning, an indispensable ability for maintaining ongoing learning.

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