Secondary education in adolescence

Secondary is a key period in the academic and personal lives of boys and girls. It is for this reason that our educational approach focuses on the acquisition of abilities that allow the students to learn autonomously in global and collaborative areas, so that these abilities empower them to make critical and responsible decisions. The teachers, led by the individual tutors, work to help the students in both personal and academic areas. The close collaboration between family and school, interdisciplinary and competence-based learning, individualized attention, and personal and professional orientation are all key elements in the students achieving success.

The curriculum

What is it?

The curriculum is the set of materials that the students study. It is made up of one common part, an elective part, and a specific part.


The curriculum is structure in:

  • Common materials: these are required contents for each area and develop the general goals of the stage, together contributing to the acquisition of basic competences. They belong to the traditional areas of learning, already addressed during the primary stage, with the addition of the area of technology.
  • Elective material: these are elective contents, connected to different areas of the common curriculum. The design of the elective materials responds to the diversity of interests, abilities, and pace of learning.
  • Specific materials: at Virolai, we have a project that offers the ability to study specific material in biology, geology, physics and chemistry, technology, and Latin, with the aim of guaranteeing complete training for all students and to facilitate the choice of later studies.
  • Syntesis projects: This is an interdisciplinary project that is done The different areas design a set of activities in which the students, grouped into teams, have to use all of the basic knowledge gained during the year. It is developed over the course of one week.

During the period the school hours are dedicated to carrying out this project.
In the 4th year of secondaryA 4t d’ (4th ofESO) the synthesis project is replaced by a research project, which initiates the student in the methodology used in el treball de síntesi se substitueix pel projecte de recerca, que inicia l’alumnat en la metodologia que aplicaran al batxillerat and in later studies. i en estudis posteriors.

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