Primary education must prepare the students to give innovative answers in a changing society, one that is constantly evolving. At Reina Elisenda Virolai, the primary stage coexists with that of early-childhood and shares spaces in the same building,, which allows for close collaboration and facilitates activities in which older and younger students learn from and care for each other.

This close coexistence and knowledge provide the students with a affectionate ambience, marked by a family atmosphere, where they can continue learning. Our management of the space brings warmth to the daily experience of the students and promotes interaction between the different ages. We work to provide life tools to our students  so that they can continue to become competent, free, critical, self-reliant, supportive, and responsible.

It is important for them to be able to think and act in an integrated way, considering the interconnections and inter-relations between lessons. In primary we continue promoting, across the board, the acquisition of habits and values to resolve problems and situations, based on initiative, creativity, a critical spirit, and a taste for learning, along with the development of the value of effort and a  culture for work.


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