The goal of the early-childhood stage is the overall development of the children´s abilities in an affectionate way, respectful of the different developmental pace of each student.

At Reina Elisenda Virolai, the early-childhood stage coexists with primary and shares spaces in the same building, which allows for close collaboration and facilitates activities in which older and younger students learn from and care for each other.

This close coexistence and knowledge provides the students with an affectionate ambience, marked by a family atmosphere, where they can grow and learn. Our management of the space brings a warmth to the daily life of the center and promotes interaction between the different classes.   

We work to wake in the students an interest in learning, and the habit of questioning themselves and asking questions about the world which surrounds them. The ability to approach and find responses to the challenges that arise affect their ability to relate, to communicate, and to learn in a comprehensive way.

We present the students with cognitive challenges, we create a rich environment that facilitates human relationships, and we provide opportunities to reinforce their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is necessary to ensuring the road to authentic self-sufficiency and an approach to self-control.

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