Tutoring and schedule

The relationaship that is established between tutor and student represents an essential activity in the education process. This connection helps the students to know themselves, accept themselves, and to develop their own personality in a balanced, harmonic way, with the aptitudes and interests inherent in and necessary for life, both on an individual level and on a social and community level. The students, oriented by their tutor and in collaboration with their families, define their personal objectives for improvement in each and every one of the personal areas: academic, personal, relationships, family… These goals are defined and assesed in a series of educational actions.

Tutoring, a fundamental tool for the family-school collaboration

Class Tutor Visit
1st-A Albert Pozo Wednesday, 8:00h-9:00h
Thursday, 13:30h-14:30h
1st-B Teresa Pérez Tuesday, 10:00h-11:00h
Tuesday, 13.30h-14.30h
1st-C Mailhyn Cafiero Tuesdat, 14:00h-15:00h
Wednesday, 9:00h-10:00h
1st-D Guillem Rocafull Monday, 14:00h-14:30h
Tuesday, 10:30h-11:30h
Wednesday, 13:30h-14:00h
2nd-A Alex Pérez Monday, 14:00h-15:00h
Friday, 10:30h-11:30h
2nd-B Andreu Gabriel
2nd-C Sílvia Camino Monday, 13:00h-14:00h
Tuesday, 14:30h-15:30h
2nd-D Eduard Cremades Wednesday, 13.30h-14.00h
Thursday, 13.30h-14.00h
Friday, 9:00h-10.00 h
José Luis Touron
Maite Sillero
Matt King
Elisabet Collellmir
Ma Rosa Riera
Andreu Gabriel
Tuesday, de 9:00h-10:00h
Thursday, 11:30h-12:30h
Thursday, 11:30h-12:30h
Wednesday, 11:30h-12:30h
Monday, 15:00h-16:00h
Wednesday, 10:30h-11:30h
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