Virolai´s comprehensive batxillerat proposal

The batxillerat is a key period in academic and personal training for the majority of students that finish their secondary studies.

At Virolai, we present a new proposal for batxillerat to respond to the educational transformation, also necessary in this stage.

Keeping in mind the unique aspects of the batxillerat and the maturation stage of 16 to 18 year-old students, the unique traits of our comprehensive proposal involve a batxillerat model that, beyond the simple preparation for university studies, prepares the students in a comprehensive way for their entry into the global world and the continuous change in which they will have to maintain an open and committed attitude for ongoing learning throughout their lives.

Our model adds new contents and competences, based on the Anglo-Saxon educational system, that promotes a deeper look into different area, a global and applied view of the contents, as well as curiosity, creativity, a critical spirit, an entrepreneurial approach, and an attitude open to the world.

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