Junts per ajudar a créixer


A well defined educational project

The particular features of our School have always been a great pedagogical concern, a solid teaching structure and a constant action for renovation. Our Project is based on basic pillars which reflect the thinking defined by our founders in 1958. These foundations have remained firm throughout the years, because their values and their objectives, their spirit and their philosophy, are the model which guides our day-to-day. Thus, Virolai is a lively school, aware that nowadays society is subject to continual changes. For this reason, we also evolve constantly in our way to transmit these values and these objectives, so as to adapt ourselves to new realities, helping our students be upright people, men and women of their time.

Since the beginning, Virolai School is present in Catalan society offering an educational model. This model has developed and enriched over the years, searching for the all-round education of the young in the sense of co-education, linguistic richness, respect and tolerance towards ideas, democratic values, concern for pedagogical renovation and a personalised education.

Our educational model is distinguished by educating: