Junts per ajudar a créixer


Taking into account the previous premises, our present reality at school is made of an important human and technical structure for educational purposes.

Virolai is a school which looks for the constant improvement and strives for quality in all its fields. We are committed to offering the best to our students, to their families and to our educators, so that they are all satisfied with the obtained objectives.

Factors such as the exchange and participation of students and teachers in cooperative projects outside the school, the internal and external contrast examinations, the participation and collaboration with the families and their contributions, help us improve our performance to achieve the highest quality grade.

It is an open school, which prepares our students to live in a reality which is in progress in Catalonia, as its nearest surrounding. We are as well participating in European Projects, to be a part of this Europe that we are all building together.

This is the philosophy in which our new lines of work, gathered in different groups of interest, are based on.